February 25, 2016 4 Comments

Dear readers,

We finally established our new website and online shop – built with dedication and love during sleepless nights!

This blog’s main focus is to inform you about latest news and topics concerning the aquabook. We try to deliver interesting issues concerning water, health, bottles, plastic pollution and all kind of interesting things around our passion: the reusable slim water bottle a.k.a. aquabook  :)

If you like you can also send us suggestions regarding those issues and we’ll try to include it in our blog.

At ZED we’re always aiming for the best. So if you have questions or trouble with site, blog or shop please feel free to contact us at:


Thanks for visiting – Stay Hydrated, Stay Genius

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April 24, 2016


I’ve been following aquabook for a while. I haven’t seen any pictures of what the other side of the safecap looks like. I’ve used other products similar to aquabook and the cap gets mouldy very quickly and is extremely hard to clean.

I’m almost thinking to abandon such water bottles completely because of this.

I’m hoping aquabook will solve this problem. Appreciate if you could show us how the underside if the cap looks like in pictures. Thank you!


April 11, 2016

Hi there, I wish you good luck und viel Erfolg. Is it possible to aim for a delivery time/-day of the beautiful Aquabook. It’s getting warm in Holland and I need to hydrate :) Thnx Hans


February 29, 2016


Auch von meiner Seite viel Erfolg! Und ich freue mich schon auf meine beiden über Kickstarter mitfinanzierten aquabooks – hoffentlich kommen sie bald :-)


February 25, 2016

Hallo, ich freue mich immer noch, über Kickstarter zum erfolgreichen Launch beigetragen haben zu dürfen. Eine tolle Idee! ich wünsche Euch einen riesen Erfolg auch in kommerzieller Hinsicht. Beste Grüße Frank

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